ANCE invites you to participate in the sporting actions to create a framework of sport that will enhance intergenerational dialogue!

Sport is for all!

The actions are designed so that everyone can participate.

  • Are you young and want to come with your parents, grandparents, uncles or other friends?
  • Are you older and want to start with gentle exercise and see how exercise can help you in your daily life? Come with your children or grandchildren, or your friends.

The actions are implemented by ANCE under the auspices of the Municipality of Nea Philadelphia – Nea Chalkidona.

Our program:

– 16 October: The first session will consist of simple exercises such as chair stretches to get to know our bodies better.

– 23 October: Come and experience the game of Boccia, a classic game for young and old.

– 6 November: The day will feature imitation games and dancing.

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